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The company represents growers and suppliers of Eucalyptus, Pinus and Acacia (Wattle) and allows them the opportunity to trade timber into a variety of financially secure markets for the production of:

– Building and Fencing Poles – CCA Treated and Untreated
– Transmission and Telephone Poles – CCA Treated and Untreated
– Lathes and Droppers – CCA Treated and Untreated
– Pulp – inclusive of logs, wood chips, sawdust, shavings, boiler fuel and biofuel
– Mining Timber Poles
– Saw logs & logs for pallet mills
– Agricultural poles inclusive of banana props, tomato & pepper poles
– Firewood

On behalf of mill owners we market:
– Wet off saw Timber
– Industrial Timber
– Structural Timber – Black Cross, S5 & S7
– Pallets
– Other products

We market charcoal & timber destined for charcoal manufacturing

We also offer land owners in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga custom tailored forestry solutions inclusive of:
– Enumerations of timber compartments
– Land preparation
– Sourcing of high quality seedlings/clones
– Planting
– Scheduled maintenance
– Harvesting
– Transportation of products to markets
– Plantation management

UFP Treated Poles Price List: 

UFP Untreated Poles Price List: