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United Forest Products was started in May, 2010, by a group of independent timber growers who had the vision to unite growers, markets and other stakeholders in the industry under one body. The company which operates on co-operative principles promotes the sustainability of independent timber growers, suppliers, contractors and owners of small and low intensity managed forests. The business model was extended to offer mills and other end-market users the opportunity to become part of the company providing them with an additional platform to market their products and to innovate jointly.


Our mission is to objectively and without prejudice represent and market timber on behalf of all independent timber growers and suppliers in South Africa.


We will promote the profitability and sustainability of our members through:
– A thorough understanding of their operations and the dynamics of the timber industry and
– Our ability to adapt quickly to changes in market forces.


Our strategy is to unite as many individual growers and suppliers of timber and to ensure that an efficient and reliable service is provided to all markets dealing in round wood timber and timber products.

Environment & Community

Our shareholders have a deep-seated commitment to environmental issues and continually strive to work towards finding solutions that reduce environmental impact and adhere to responsible forest practices.

Shareholding and benefits

Both markets and suppliers of timber and timber products are offered an opportunity to become shareholders of the company based on their committed supply and subject to terms and conditions. The company believes that all suppliers and markets of timber and timber related products must be treated equally and therefore does not exclude any stakeholder from becoming part of the company. Some of the benefits to our shareholders are:

– Entities can much better defend and promote their interests mutually than individually,
– Learn from each other in order to innovate jointly,
– Use joint purchasing and marketing to employ the economy of scale principle,
– Be kept up to date in terms of industry issues and latest market requirements,
– Share in resources and the opportunity for further investments.

Other suppliers to the industry, i.e. transport companies, nurseries, harvesting equipment suppliers, etc., all benefit through our co-operative model as we provide a basis for exposure in the industry through our field days and networking opportunities.