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United Forest Products was established in 2010 by a group of independent timber growers with a compelling vision to unite timber growers and industry stakeholders under a single autonomous entity.  From humble beginnings as a cooperative, the company has reworked its operating model and has grown into a significant business in the marketing of timber and timber-related services from a sizeable variety of suppliers to a widening portfolio of customers.


The notable strengths of United Forest Products lie in the diversification of its products, its intrinsic knowledge of the major factors affecting its customer base and its ability to align its selling strategy with the demanding issues affecting customers.  Consequently, United Forest Products enjoys a preferential market position as an agent for timber and timber-related products and services and we sell a wide range of products to local and international markets on behalf of our suppliers.



Our Mission is to be a leader in the forestry sector, by providing stakeholders with a principled and financially secure environment which enables unrestricted trade and inclusive promotion of business opportunities.


International Accreditation BY the Forest Stewardship Council


United Forest Products is justifiably proud of its prestigious Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) chain of custody accreditation, an international audit benchmark used by consumers to differentiate sustainably-sourced round wood products from those made from timber of unknown origin. FSC® chain of custody accreditation means peace of mind for consumers, who are assured that timber sourced under United Forest Products originates from forests that are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner, according to the environmental social and economic principles of the FSC®. Timber is sourced from sustainable forestry plantations throughout South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.


United Forest Products distinguishes itself strategically in three predominant areas:


  • Negotiating fair, market-related prices
  • Accessing markets and customers
  • Prompt payment of suppliers on delivery of product


The unique ability of United Forest Products to pay supplier accounts at a settlement discount on delivery extends beyond supply to related services in transport, harvesting, silviculture and sale of standing timber.  This is critical to the survival of sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises.  Under the United Forest Products umbrella these entities enjoy protection from unscrupulous operators, the threat of late and non-payment, the risk averse banking sector and similar challenges significant to the small and medium enterprise sector.


United Forest Product’s impressive growth trajectory, successful operation and excellent reputation in its operations are attributed to being well established in the forestry sector and having a proven track record of:


  • Integrity of its governance record which has instilled proven confidence in its stakeholders.
  •  Passionate energy and drive of its dedicated and dynamic team in promoting sustainability and ensuring ethical practice in the sector.
  • Strong financial discipline coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Seizing opportunities and navigating obstacles with innovation and creativity, which enables the company to continually evolve and adapt to the changing demands of the sector.
  • Ensuring good relationships form the foundation for maintaining business partners during both thriving and challenging times.
  • An exceptional business model, service standards and reputation which       exceed the norm.
  • Trading a diversified portfolio of timber commodities and related products.
  • Excellent trade credit references.
  • Understanding market dynamics, which positions United Forest Products to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Support of industry bodies and initiatives for the advancement of our       stakeholders’ interest and development.


United Forest Products PRODUCT RANGE


Roundwood Timber

  • Available in Pine, Eucalyptus and Wattle.
  • Wood in its natural state as felled, with or without bark, and is sold without being squared by sewing or hewing.
  • Roundwood can be used for industrial purposes, either in its round form (e.g. as transmission poles, thatching, fencing poles and building applications) or as raw material to be processed into industrial products, such as sawn wood, mining support, panel products or pulp.


Sawn Timber

  • Available in Pine and Eucalyptus.
  • Timber can be supplied kiln dried and wet off-saw for various applications like furniture manufacturing, crating, industrial and structural applications.


Hardwood Charcoal

 Manufactured from exotic Eucalyptus and Acacia hardwoods.

  • 100% natural lump-wood charcoal, charcoal fines and powder.
  • Industrial application, domestic and restaurant use.


Timber Treatment

Timber can be tailored to specific requirements and pressure treated with:

  • Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA)
  • Creosote
  • Tanalith E



Forestry Services and Other Services

United Forest Products has its own harvesting division, which is equipped with a highly-skilled workforce.  The harvesting division harvests timber on behalf of landowners, from sustainable Eucalyptus and Pine plantations.  Forestry landowners are encouraged to contact the company should they have sustainable plantations they wish to sell.



A variety of transport companies are registered with United Forest Products to ensure secure and reliable transport of product and to ensure transport opportunities within the forestry industry.




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